Esfera City Center Monterrey

Esfera City Center Monterrey Will Open in 2014

South Monterrey experiences a new wave of urban development. Citelis currently develops Esfera City Center Monterrey which is, at the moment, the most important example of this new boom of developments in south Monterrey by Carretera Nacional. Esfera City Center Monterrey is an extensive mixed-use area that will have an iconic architecture. The development will count with a retail center or shopping mall designed by architect Javier Sordo Madaleno. The development’s most iconic buildings, however, will be the residential area or loft apartments designed by awarded architect Zaha Hadid. Esfera City Center Monterrey will also have office space, a hotel, and movie theaters. The construction of the shopping mall is in an advanced stage and will probably open during 2014.



 Esfera City Center Monterrey – Citelis



Update: This was the original design by Zaha Hadid Arquitects, the developers are still considering whether they will keep it or opt for another choice.




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