Monterrey – Beauty of Mountains


Monterrey Beauty of Mountains

The city of Monterrey in México is located in a valley enclosed by the mountains of Sierra Madre Oriental. A visit to Cerro del Obispado (Bishop’s Palace Hill) offers the opportunity to have a 360 degree view of the city and the beautiful mountains that surround it.

The emblematic Cerro de la Silla or Saddle Mountain is at the edge of Sierra Madre Oriental and has been a natural symbol of Monterrey for hundreds of years . Cerro del Topo, to the north of Monterrey, is presumably an extinct volcano. To the west of town is Cerro de las Mitras and to the south Cerro del Chipinque both with their characteristic M shapes at the top.

The following Video Slide shows a series of photographs taken by Writer’s Look crew at Cerro del Obispado.