Rush – Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is celebrating their 30 year long career with the release of the Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11 on June 6, 2011. If not the only one, DM is the best band in the world. For more info visit the band’s website at

Here’s the song Rush from the album Songs of Faith and Devotion, DM’s “dark” stage.
Paris 1993

“Walk with me
Open your sensitive mouth
And talk to me
Hold out your delicate hands
And feel me
Couldn’t make any plans
To conceal me…

I’m easy to see through
When I come up
When I rush
I rush for you

Cry for you
I’ve seen the tears
Roll down from my eyes for you
I heard my truth
Distorting to lies for you
I watched my love
Becoming a prize for you

Seen the tears in my eyes…
I’m not proud of I do…

I come up to meet you
Up there somewhere
When I rush to greet you
My soul is bared

Gave more for you
Dropped my crutches
And crawled on the floor for you
Went looking behind every door for you
And because of the things
That I saw for you
I spiritually grew…”