San Antonio and Its River Walk

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio, Texas – The Alamo | Photos by J.J. Del Mar


San Antonio, Texas is where the battle for The Alamo took place between the Mexican army and Texans fighting for independence. To find this historical site, park on one of the numerous parking lots near the Rivercenter Mall. The Alamo is located on Alamo Plaza St. [North Alamo Street] between East Crockett Street and East Houston Street. Some of the parking lots are small and it takes time to find a good parking space. However, walking a few extra blocks is worth it, especially if you park on North Alamo Street near the First Presbyterian Church; most of the time there’s a spot available on the street for the standard parking meter fee. From there, walk south 4 blocks on North Alamo St. to get to The Alamo and the River Walk; the street’s name changes to Alamo Plaza but it’s the same street.

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Downtown San Antonio

After visiting The Alamo, you can cross East Crockett Street to the Rivercenter mall or walk south on Alamo Plaza and turn left onto E Commerce St. to find the River Walk.

 Downtown San Antonio

San Antonio | River Walk

Walk across the street from The Alamo, to get to the River Walk through the plaza that leads to the Hyatt Regency. Enter the Hyatt Regency at the plaza and walk out the exit at the River Walk. Another way to get to the River Walk is through the Rivercenter Mall.

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk Video by J.J. Del Mar


By J.J. Del Mar

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