November 17, 2014

Subtitling Services

WL Media | Subtitling Services



We translate and subtitle video in a variety of formats. We translate and subtitle video and movie clips. We subtitle from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English. We only work with these two languages because we are linguists specialized in this language pair.

We deliver a video with either soft subtitling (on-off subtitles) or hard subtitling (subtitles “burned” on screen) and a subtitle file.

In order to help us expedite a quote for you, please read the following descriptions to see what you need us to work on when you request the subtitling service. Make sure to include one of the descriptions below with your message.



Sub-1: Transcription, Translation, and Subtitling


We transcribe the original Spanish or English audio of your video, translate the transcription, and generate the subtitles which are then accurately placed on your video or movie. We do this service when the video we receive does not have any subtitles or closed captions embedded.


Sub-2: Translation and Subtitling


We translate the subtitles or captions from the original language and add the subtitles in the target language in the final video you receive. We do this when your video already has subtitles in the original language that need translation into the target language. Whether your video has subtitles burned on screen, hard subtitling, or on/off subtitles in it, soft subtitling, this service does not involve audio transcription, therefore the turn out time is sooner.



Sub-3: Subtitling (subtitles)


You have a video or movie and a file with the subtitles that need to be added to your video. Make sure you provide us with either an already translated script or subtitle file. Our technician will then place the subtitles accurately on the video or movie. The technician will only embed the subtitles in the video with precise timing. This service does not include the cost of a translation or a transcription. It is then cheaper and faster to produce.




SLS and Closed Captions

If you already have the subtitle file, this is the same as Sub-3, just add SLS or CC with your message: Sub-3 SLS or Sub-3 CC



Voice Transcription + Same Language Subtitling

This is a transcription service. We will charge for the trancription in the same language as the original audio/video and subtitling (SLS) or closed captions. We transcribe the audio in the original/source video, produce the subtitles, and then add them to the video in the same language.  We generate either on/off subtitles or burned subtitles following the Closed Captioning (CC) norms of the United States. This service allows you to reach the deaf or hearing impaired.


This service does not involve translation, please add Transcription + Subtitling with your message/subject line.






We accept and produce videos in any common or standard fomat for the Internet or broadcast and film industry.



We accept and provide you with subtitles in nearly any extension/format:

*.srt *ssa *.mkv *.sub *ttxt, etc.



Ask for a free estimate now.

In order for us to email you a precise estimate, please let us the format/extension of your original video and the length of the video (in minutes).