September 5, 2015


Videography | Production & Post-Production


Original Video & Film Productions

Corporate | Commercial | Travel | Film

WL Media will work with you no matter what your budget is to bring you quality media. We will get the right equipment according to your media needs. From DSLRs to lead industry film cameras such as RED, Sony, and Panasonic. We use lead industry editing and color grading software during post-production in all of our projects. We will deliver you a quality media product that will have the look you want.



Post-Processing for Video & Digital Film






Color Grading

Sample of color grading for the Cine Screen [Movie Theater] – DCI




Subtitling Service

Please go to our subtitling page here .


Travel Video Production Sample | Cola de Caballo | Santiago near Monterrey, México




Travel Video Production Sample | San Antonio River Walk, Texas