Top 10 Highest Skylines In the World


Top 10 Highest Skylines In the World | 2015

 Top 10 Highest Skylines In the World

There abound on the web numerous lists claiming they portrait the “best skylines” in the world. Many of those lists are solely based on what cities the person posting the list  likes or leave out what the editor doesn’t like. Fewer of those lists do have some criteria to make up a Top 10 list, however, the numbers are tainted with subjective indexes that, despite their best efforts, still embrace subjectivity. Such indexes definitions of what a “skyline” is encompass criteria that measures the likes or dislikes of a small number of urbanists, architects, and engineers. The most common indexes do not reflect a consensus of what the vast majority of the urbanists in the world think. There’s not even have a tool that can measure that. We did follow the “standard” viewpoint that under construction means “not built”, and therefore this is our list for 2015, as newer skyscrapers are being completed, the list is going to change for 2016.

We then were on the look for some tool that measured, without subjectivity, what were the cities in the world that have the tallest skylines; we didn’t find it. But Writer’s Look researched for data on multiple urbanists associations and data bases, and we were able to create our own method to determine what the “top skylines” in the world are. Our method is based solely on numbers. We assigned points for each skyscraper above 200m each city has. We did not consider any buildings between 100 – 199m as a way to simplify our research and opposed to the traditional definition of what a “skyscraper” is, a high rise above 150m.

Writer’s Look method places Dubai in the first place, and no subjective index can take it away. Dubai has the most number of 300-399m skyscrapers than any other city in the world. Dubai also has as many 200-299m skyscrapers as Hong Kong, New York City, or Shangai. Not to mention Dubai  has the tallest megatall [a skyscraper above 600m] in the world, the Burj Khalifa at 828m. Dubai has invested billions of dollars in skyscraper construction, making it the tallest city in the world. But that is not reason why we place it on the very top. Numbers are numbers, and after adding it up, Dubai resulted with the most points:134.

The second place is occupied by Shanghai with a total of  99 points, 35 points behind Dubai. Writer’s Look method considered whole metropolitan areas and not single cities. However, the count for Shanghai did not include Suzhou, a city that the Chinese place in the same administrative area. In such cases where two or more cities are considered by the local government to be part of the same administrative area, but are 20 or more miles apart from each other, we regarded them as different cities. Still if we were to count the Suzhou skyscrapers, Shanghai would any way be in second place with 114 points.

In the third place is New York City, the birthplace of the skyscraper in the western hemisphere.  We considered the metropolitan area around New York City, therefore we included Jersey City in New Jersey, 2.5 miles away from Manhattan. New York City has 95 points. Compared to Dubai, New York City has less 300-399m skyscrapers.

Looking at the current skyscrapers under construction, only Shanghai may displace Dubai in the next 5 years [if we include Suzhou]. Writer’s Look method, therefore, gives credit to the cities with the highest concentrations of tall skyscrapers, and not to subjective indexes that measure likes or dislikes. Our method measures height as opposed to beauty. The higher the number of 200m [> or taller] skyscrapers a city has, the higher it will be in our list. Our list then measures accurately what the Top 10 Skylines in the world are.

The complete Top 10 Skylines are below. We have also shown the following 20 cities to put together the Top 30 list.

There are some cities with the same number of points. In that case, we untied them by placing above the city with the highest number of skyscrapers.



Top 10 Skylines

1. Dubai, UAE [134]

2. Shanghai, China [99]

3. New York City, USA [95]

4. Hong Kong, China [86]

5. Chicago, USA [64]

6. Shenzhen, China [53]

7. Guangzhou, China [48]

8. Tokyo, Japan [44] Tokyo has more skyscrapers than Singapore

9. Singapore, Singapore [44]

10. Jakarta, Indonesia [42]   Jakarta has more skyscrapers than Chongqing and Panama City



Top 10 | Video

11 – 20

11. Chongqing, China [42]

12. Panama City, Panama [42]

13. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [33]

14. Los Angeles, USA [33]

15. Nanjing, China [32]

16. Moscow, Russia [30]

17. Houston, USA [30]

18. Toronto, Canada [30] 

19. Tianjin, China [29]

20. Manila Metro, Philippines [28]




21 – 30

21. Bangkok, Thailand [25]

22. Seoul, South Korea [24]

23. Dalian, China [23]

24. Wuhan, China [21]   Wuhan has more skyscrapers than Atlanta

25. Atlanta, USA  [21]

26. Wuxi, China [28] includes Changzhou

27. Beijing, China [19]

28. Melbourne, Australia [18]

29. Sydney, Australia [16]

30. Taipei, Taiwan [13]