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Monterrey Skyline 2015

Monterrey Skyline 2015

Monterrey Skyline | 2015 Update Downtown Monterrey has recently completed the construction of the 206.5m skyscraper at Pabellón M, as new projects are planned. South Monterrey has welcomed Micrópolis and southwest Monterrey is watching Altreca being topped off. In the municipality of San Pedro by Campestre, Sofia was opened and the first of the two Read more about Monterrey Skyline 2015[…]

Los 10 Skylines Más Altos del Mundo | 2015

Top 10 Highest Skylines In the World

Español Top 10 Highest Skylines In the World | 2015   There abound on the web numerous lists claiming they portrait the “best skylines” in the world. Many of those lists are solely based on what cities the person posting the list  likes or leave out what the editor doesn’t like. Fewer of those lists Read more about Top 10 Highest Skylines In the World[…]

Cola de Caballo

Cola de Caballo Waterfall

Cola de Caballo | Santiago, Nuevo León Cola de Caballo is a waterfall located near Monterrey, México in the municipality of Santiago, Nuevo León. To get there from Monterrey, drive on Garza Sada Av. in south Monterrey, continue on National Highway 85 for about 20 km then turn left on Highway 20. Drive 10 km Read more about Cola de Caballo Waterfall[…]

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio and Its River Walk

San Antonio, Texas – The Alamo | Photos by J.J. Del Mar   San Antonio, Texas is where the battle for The Alamo took place between the Mexican army and Texans fighting for independence. To find this historical site, park on one of the numerous parking lots near the Rivercenter Mall. The Alamo is located Read more about San Antonio and Its River Walk[…]

Real de Catorce

Real de Catorce

Real de Catorce | Magical Town   Real de Catorce is one of the nation’s Pueblos Mágicos, Magical Towns, and is located in the state of San Luis Potosí in México. Some of México’s towns are named Pueblos Mágicos after their rich historical and cultural heritage. They’re also big touristic attractions. Though Real de Catorce Read more about Real de Catorce[…]