Utada Hikaru – Passion

Utada Hikaru – Passion – Sanctuary


Utada Hikaru is a Japanese-American singer and songwriter who has sold millions of records, especially in the Japenese market.

One of her songs, Sanctuary, gained more audience to Utada Hikaru for being the soundtrack of the video game Kingdom Hearts II. It is odd enough to have a song with two known titles, Passsion and Sanctuary, to add to that, that multiple covers of the track performed by Utada Hikaru’s fans have popped up on the Internet.


Nevertheless, the sountrack Passion or the song Sanctuary, pick one, has caused many to look at the Japanese songwriter, Utada Hikaru, for a sample of what Japenese music sounds like.


Here’s the song in its soundtrack version.


Utada Hikaru – Passion – Kingdom Hearts II soundtrack


Here’s the same song in its most recent version, my favorite one, as rock.


Utada Hikaru – Sanctuary [Passion] – Live

Finally the piano cover of the soundtrack surfaced as a popular one.


Utada Hikaru – Passion – Piano Cover performed by Kyle Landry



By J.J. Del Mar

Writer’s Look 2014