September 22, 2012

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About Writer’s Look Web Media Services


 We launched our translation and language services over 10 years ago. Writer’s Look expanded to providing media services in 2010. Our team is composed of professional photographers, cinematographers, editors, and linguists. Writer’s Look provides a quality service at competitive rates.

Los Angeles, CA | Dallas-Fort Worth, TX | Monterrey, MX


Our translation and subtitling services are available online worldwide.






About our blog Urban Life + Travel News


Urban Life  + Travel News was created late 2010 to open a space about urban life.  Urban Life  + Travel News publishes articles, videos, and photographs that depict different aspects of the urban life in the world. WL’s blog relates to you music, art, and culture that echoes in the minds of cosmopolitan people in the 21st century.

The lead editor, J. J. Del Mar, graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in México with a degree in Applied Linguistics and Translation from the College of Philosophy and Literature. J.J Del Mar has worked as writer, web content editor, linguist, subtitler, translator, interpreter, and bilingual educator for over 13 years in México and the United States. To find out more about J.J. Del Mar, visit his website here.



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