Monterrey Skyline 2015

Monterrey Skyline 2015

Monterrey Skyline | 2015 Update Downtown Monterrey has recently completed the construction of the 206.5m skyscraper at Pabellón M, as new projects are planned. South Monterrey has welcomed Micrópolis and southwest Monterrey is watching Altreca being topped off. In the municipality of San Pedro by Campestre, Sofia was opened and Read more…


Monterrey Streets

Monterrey Streets This video of a drive by San Pedro and Monterrey streets shows several skyscrapers under construction and other high rises already built.   Monterrey Streets – Calles de Monterrey … Happy new year 2015! J.J. Del Mar Writer’s Look Editor

Monterrey Xmas Parade 2014

Xmas Parade of Monterrey

 Monterrey Xmas Parade 2014   Monterrey had its Xmas Parade last week. This is a photo gallery of the parade.   Monterrey Xmas Parade 2014 – Photo Gallery ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]     Merry Xmas 2014!   J.J. Del Mar Writer’s Look Editor